Apr 14th – Apr 25th, 2007
MAA-tila Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Interpassive Installation, duration 4:00 minutes
Programming: I. A. Jääskeläinen
Audio: Samuli Waegelein


Encounters emerge between Inner and Outer world. Am I what I seem to look like?

Without the response from the circulating world to what kind would the image of self formulate?

What does the concept of self-image mean? Are experiences shareable? How does one’s experience of self affect his or her view of the world and vice versa?


Installation: a room with a carpet, chair, lamp and TV.

Walking into the room the TV screen shows static. When the viewer sits on the chair, the screen begins to show live footage of the viewer and the chair. Simultaneously an audiotape begins to play. Sound resembles peaceful, meditative “monk choir”.
Little by little the viewer begins to fade from the screen and eventually disappears entirely. Only the chair is left on the screen. Also the sound fades away.

When the viewer gets of the chair the screen goes back to static.