Outi Finni: New Pieces Confuse with Elegance

”… In Jurvanen’s exhibition, the titles of the works refer to contradictions for which it is often difficult to find a counterpart in the drawings. The names thus leave ample room for interpretation.

Instead of the proposed contradictions, the works portray a simultaneous appearance of masculine and feminine. Alongside vertical elements, sharp contrasts, and linear directions, there are organic and plastic shapes, translucent fields, and curved lines. The relationship between the dark pencil and the light plywood base is not black and white, but includes the possibility of merging.

There is something remotely identifiable and at the same time confusing in all works. This tastefully caused confusion is exactly the finesse of the show.

Although a single artwork is always confined within a horizontal plywood base, pictorial language violates the idea of the horizontality of the landscape and the perspective attached to it. At the symbolic level, this is accentuated by the blank white frames included in the installation. They remind us of tradition.

The frames also act as stopping places. Fifty drawings with their many details would be a pretty breathtaking package with no space in between. Fortunately, there is air in the installation also concretely. The niche between the works Peace and War was a great idea.”