Curated Group Exhibition
Oct 4th – 30th, 2014
d. m. allison Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA

© Dan Allison

© Dan Allison

© Dan Allison


Curator: Dan Allison

Mel Chin, William Cokeley, Noah Edmundson, Elizabeth Fox, Ann Harithas, Tracy Hicks, Perry House, Meredith Jack, Inka-Maaria Jurvanen, Ken Little, Jesse Lott, Rick Lowe, Kelly Moran, Erika Pochybova-Johnson, Rock Romano, Bob Schneider



1. the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.
”the study finds little evidence of overt discrimination”
synonyms: proof, confirmation, verification, substantiation, corroboration, affirmation, attestation 

2. signs; indications. plural noun: evidences
”there was no obvious evidence of a problem”
synonyms: signs, indications, pointers, marks, traces, suggestions, hints; manifestation ”evidence of a struggle”