Drawing Installation
Sep 17th – Oct 11th, 2020
Gallery Ratamo / Jyväskylä Art Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland

© Hanne Manelius

© Hanne Manelius

© Inka-Maaria Jurvanen


Noise is a hot and moist pitch. Asphalt.
It’s alive  – a pulse, a rhythm, a stream, a sigh. A roar, a knock, a trickle.
Unbearable, imperative, chaos.

Silence is a cold and silken stone.
It’s a pause, a finality, an ended action. Departed, disappeared.
Peace, rest. The deepest horror. Spark in the abyss.

Our noise enables us to ignore everything else. The scream annihilates.
How to work against it. How to retreat from the demand of your own voice.

The boundaries of attributes and words give rhythm to the noise. Is it the rhythm of life or of language. Is it possible to both believe and not to believe in one’s own death. Is there time in silence.

For me as an artist the line is at the centre of everything. It is a meditative entity that forms, is formed, disappears and reappears.
I have worked in the medium of pencil drawing and plywood for a long time. In my new works I endeavoured to move drawing towards three-dimensionality and installation. In addition to form, three-dimensionality introduces a different temporality in terms of substance.