Pencil Drawings on Plywood
Jan 13th – Feb 19th, 2017
MUU Cable Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

© Santtu Särkäs

© Santtu Särkäs

© Santtu Särkäs


– …possibilities of sincerity and deceit…–

Lies, Truth, Untrue, True
Desire, Wish
Pain, Certainty, Horror, Hesitation

These are all present at once. You cannot know or hear them simultaneously.
They have boundaries. They turn into one another. They contain each other.
They are transitory and eternal.

Truth is simple.
Truth is a statue. Truth has no shadow. It does not breathe.

Lies are conscious and unconscious. Lies are unwanted and unbearable.
Lies destroy memories.
A lie is a loss without event, a disappearance where nothing ceases to exist.
A lie is better than uncertainty.
What if a lie is never uncovered.

Desire takes hold, it uses truth and lies.

Wishes circle around existence.

True is here, it exists. But it is not necessarily the truth.