Pencil Drawings on Plywood
Jun 6th – Jul 4th, 2015
d. m. allison Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA

© Inka-Maaria Jurvanen

© Inka-Maaria Jurvanen

© Julie Stroup


Power is a mechanism, a relation, a tool, an absolute value.
Power in itself is a neutral force, interpretation and point of view determine good and bad.

Power is everywhere, it is engraved in humanity.
We need to feel a sense of belonging to a herd. We have a desire to rule and to be ruled. Structure and hierarchy produce safety. An individual uses power on oneself to be able to belong to a community, to be accepted.
We also use and are subjected to power without acknowledging it. There are blind spots and taboos in all power structures.

Power entails responsibility and morals.
The choice to not use power is not necessarily the right one. Someone will always take it.

Power is a ceaselessly changing network targeted from all sides with different motifs, goals and premises.
In order to examine and define power it is divided into sub-categories. These categories keep shifting simultaneously. To combine them anew without contradictions becomes impossible.
The division of power is forever moving. The centre of gravity keeps shifting. No one can control it.

Power is never completely open, honest or equal. Language, words, communication and propaganda camouflage it.
We have a desire to believe the lie, the easy answer, the simplified truth.

There is no freedom without power.