Pencil Drawings on Plywood
May 19th – Jun 6th, 2010
Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland

© Petra-Maria Saarinen

© Jukka Lepola

© Jukka Lepola


– What is important, what is irrelevant? Into which category does truth belong to? –

What is the mechanism of becoming assured. How does one become aware. How do convictions take form.
Nothing is forever recognizable. Things slide over and under borders, with time.

Defining is an essential part of observing. It is a necessity. Drawing and making art are also part of the process of defining. It is not possible to escape defining or look it from the outside.
If one tries it only repeats the defining, one defines the defining. Balancing between constructing and indistinguishableness is continuous.

It seems to be impossible to fathom the big picture. And not least because of being able to focus on only one object at a time. Is the existence of multiple focuses possible. Or is the “real” at any given moment the only thing, which is substantial.

The subjects in the drawings have a double role. They are extras that bring out the abstract level. But they are also the stage where a narrative can come into being.