' to portray sound, concretely but also symbolically...'
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Sep 10th, 2021
Victoria Forsman: Pencil Drawings Beyond the Ordinary Explore the Soundscape of Our Lives

'...This tastefully caused confusion is exactly the finesse of the show...'
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Etelä-Suomen Sanomat

Jun 5th, 2018
Outi Finni: New Pieces Confuse with Elegance

SUMMER – Catalogue for XXII Mänttä Art Festival 2017
Article by Curator Pirjetta Brander

'...objects by default acquire meanings...'
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TAIDE-magazine Issue 1/2017

Rautio, Pessi: The Seen

'...a provocative critique of the wielding of power...'
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Editorial in Visual Art Source

Jun 15th, 2015
Text by Donna Tennant

½-magazine Issue 2/2012
Pirjetta Brander:

Image Case by Inka-Maaria Jurvanen

'...I combine things that really don’t fit together...'
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The Schulenburg Sticker
Nov 15th, 2012
Andy Behlen:
Artist from Finland calls Schulenburg home during winter months

Mustekala May 31st, 2010
Pirkko Holmberg:
Pictures That Turn Their Backs


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